Application & reference –  for a single (or first) tenant £156 covers a contribution towards processing the application, collecting and verifying references from employer/accountant and previous landlord reference as well as carrying out a credit check and collecting a copy of passport, proof of residency, bank statements and a recent payslip.

Reference –  for additional tenants £54 (each), for guarantor £66 (if required).

Application & reference –  for a limited company £174.

Tenancy agreement & inventory –  £120 covers a contribution towards drawing up the tenancy agreement and prescribed information, supplying compliance leaflets and information, registering the deposit and a contribution towards the preparation of the inventory.

Renewal –  £60 (if a tenancy continues beyond its fixed term) covers the cost of negotiating and administering the renewal and re-registering the deposit with the Tenancy Deposit Scheme. The fee for a Company Let renewal is £80.

Change of occupancy –  £180 helps towards the administration and associated referencing when a tenant is either added to or removed from a Tenancy Agreement during a tenancy.

Landlord reference –  £24 helps towards the administration of providing a previous landlord reference at the end of your tenancy.

Withdrawal of notice –  £60 to cover a contribution to re-marketing costs and other expenses where the tenant serves notice to end the tenancy and then is allowed to withdraw that notice (note that if commitments have been made by the landlord or to other tenants this may not be possible).

As a tenant your main responsibility is to pay the rent until the end of the contract. We fully understand that circumstances change, so should you need to break your tenancy early and your landlord agrees to re-market the property, your liability for the payment of rent will end once a new tenant is found and takes up occupation. However, you will still need to cover the landlord's fees for the remainder of your tenancy, calculated on a pro-rata basis for the unexpired term of the contract.

We do not charge a fee for check-ins and check-outs.

All prices are inclusive of VAT

Payment Types

Online bank transfers
All fees, rents and deposits can be paid by transfer

Cheque payments
We can only accept bank drafts, not personal or company cheques

Cash payments
Payments by cash are subject to a fee of 1% of cash value

Card payments
ACCEPTED: Fee payments may be made by either credit or debit card on our
online payment system
NOT ACCEPTED: Rents and Deposits cannot be paid by card
Company/business/corporate cards not accepted