We find that many benefit claimants view and then apply for properties, only to be disappointed at the application stage. In order to minimise this possibility, we ask that you complete this questionnaire before booking your first viewing with us.

If you are claiming Disability Allowance, please indicate if it is permanent *
e.g. I qualify for a category C two bed property at £450 per month for myself and my two daughters aged 10 & 12. I do not have any income apart from child allowance.
For more information go to: http://www.dudley.gov.uk/advice-benefits/benefits/local-housing-allowance/
e.g. My father, who will also be guarantor, will make up the difference
Last but not least, all benefit applicants must have a guarantor who: *
1)  Is prepared to stay as guarantor for the full time that you are at the property and not just the initial 6 month term
2)  Is in receipt of an income which is 3 times the annual rent of the property you are interested in (eg, if the rent is £450pcm, the guarantor will need to earn at least £16,200pa)
3)  Has a clean credit history.
You do not need to supply your guarantor details at this stage but please do not submit this form and ask to see a property with us unless you do have a guarantor who meets the above criteria.
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We will then contact you regarding the properties listed above