Our Pets Policy is based on good practice guidelines issued by LetswithPets

LetswithPets was launched by the Dogs Trust to help pet owners find privately rented accommodation


All too often people are forced to live in unsuitable properties or keep pets without permission from their landlord.
In some extreme cases, owners are forced to give up their pets or else face becoming homeless. As a pet-friendly agent we try to do our best to accommodate owners and their pets.

Please remember that we can only help when a property is suited to pets and the landlord has agreed to allow pets.
Landlords may exclude certain types of pet so always ask at your first opportunity so you are not disappointed.

Our Pet Policy

The following Pet Policy outlines the conditions under which tenants may keep pets in pet-friendly properties. 

  1. Tenants with pets will pay a slightly higher monthly rent.

  2. Tenants who decide to ask for permission to have a pet after moving into the property, must first apply for permission in writing to the landlord or letting agent and, if permission is granted, it may only be granted on the anniversary of every 12 month term.

  3. Tenants must take out a ‘new for old’ insurance policy to cover the contents of the property (we highly recommend the product by Let Alliance).

  4. Tenants may be required to provide a reference for their pets from their former landlord if they have rented with their pets previously. 

  5. Tenants must not leave their pets in the property when they are away unless arrangements have been made for their care. 

  6. Dogs should not be left alone in the property for more than 4 hours at a time. Tenants must ensure that their dogs will not cause damage to the property if they are left unsupervised. 

  7. Tenants are responsible for their pets in accordance with the Animal Welfare Act. If we or the landlord believes that a pet kept in the property has been neglected or abandoned, it will be reported to an appropriate animal welfare organisation.

  8. Tenants are responsible for keeping all areas of the property clean and free from parasites, such as fleas. 

  9. At the end of a tenancy, if damage has been caused to the property, garden or furnishings by a pet, the cost of repairs will be deducted from the deposit. 

  10. Tenants must ensure their pets do not cause a nuisance to neighbours. This includes excessive noise. Dogs must be kept under control and on a lead in any public places, communal areas and walkways. 

  11. Pets must not be allowed to foul inside the property, except for caged pets and pets trained to use a litter tray. Any pet faeces must be removed immediately from the garden or outside areas and disposed of safely and hygienically. 

  12. Any animal listed in the schedule of the Dangerous Wild Animals Act 1976 may not be kept at the property. 

  13. Any dog listed under the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991 may not be kept at the property with the exception of dogs registered on the Index of Exempted Dogs. 

  14. Tenants may not breed animals or offer for sale any animal in the property.