This request form should be completed if you wish to fit new carpets.

We are often asked by tenants if they can replace carpets and vinyl.  e answer is Yes, but only with the written permission of the landlord (or his agent) and, only if the fitting is carried out by a professional carpet fitter. If you do not get the written permission of the landlord you could be held responsible for refitting the original carpets, assuming of course that they are have been kept in good condition. If not, you would then be liable for the full cost of replacement.  is could be very expensive and, in the past, the cost has sometimes exceeded the value of the deposit!
If you do wish to change or even add carpets in the property, it is essential you complete this form and wait until you have received written permission from us.  is is your safeguard against the landlord claiming breach of contract.
Landlords are more likely to approve a carpet change if the colours match those of the original or, if different, they are neutral colours.
If your preferences for colour or design differ from those of the landlord, the request may be either refused or accepted with conditions. For example, the landlord may stipulate that you can fit another carpet on condition that you store safely and refit the original carpet when you leave. Failure to comply with any conditions would result in the cost if any reinstatement being charged to you.
However, most permissions are granted assuming that you are happy to leave the new carpet in situ at the end of your tenancy and that you do not expect any financial consideration to be made by the landlord. Any purchase receipts and guarantees for the stain resistance or wear resistance of the carpet would have to be passed on to the landlord

At the end of your tenancy, if it has been agreed that the fixture is removed, the decor must be made good to ensure that it is left in the condition it would have been if no fixings had been made.

You must NOT carry out any WORK
until you receive written permission

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