If you have a problem over the Christmas break which is not an emergency, please contact us when our office is open on Monday 4th January 2016. 

If the problem cannot wait and is a genuine emergency (e.g. escape of water or no power), do the following:

  1. Check your Tenancy Agreement to see if there are any service contracts that cover the problem. If so, call the company providing the contract.
  2. If it is a central heating problem, check the manufacturers website for hints & tips or a troubleshooting guide. Being without heating or hot water for a day or two is not an emergency. Your first call should be to the contractor named on your gas safety certificate. If you do not have that information to hand, contact RB Porter Ltd (see details below).
  3. If you suspect frozen pipes, CLICK HERE for a guide on what to do.
  4. Check the information given to you at hand-over. Some landlords like to handle their own repairs and you will have been given their contact information. Contact them.
  5. Between Christmas and New Year and during other holiday periods we check for text messages. You can send a text to 07860 017227 (do not ring, this is a text only number). Include your name, property & short description of problem.
  6. Or you can send a message from our 'Contact Us' page.
  7. Or you can email us at 'repairs@ianperks.com' and you can attach a photograph.

Peter Webb (general contractor)

If you do need to talk to someone, you can call 07812 379625 and ask for Pete. He will be able to advise you. But please make sure you have read the instructions above and have no other alternatives.


RB Porter Ltd – central heating and plumbing

Telephone 01384 396719
Obtaining plumbing and central heating parts at a weekend can be difficult so please be considerate if you are told that an immediate repair is not possible.