Always get permission first!

Before fixing anything on walls, decorating, removing or changing items that belong to the landlord you must ask the landlord for permission. If you don't, it can be seen as damage. You could end up with a large bill at the end of your tenancy.


This is a common request by tenants. Most landlords will allow you to decorate, as long as it is either an improvement or you restore it at the end of the tenancy.

If you are fixing a lightweight picture or mirror to a wall with a picture hook you do not need to fill out the consent form. However, make sure you don't puncture wiring or waterproof membranes.
For any other fitting (e.g. towel rail, curtain rail, shelf), you need to fill out the consent form and wait for the landlord’s permission.

Similar to the decorating, most landlords will allow you to fit new carpet as long as it is of good quality and in keeping with the style of the property. Usually it would remain in situ at the end of your tenancy.

Any item or appliance that needs wiring in must have permission and be done by an electrician – please contact us. You do not have to ask permission to plug in you own electrical items but you must make sure they are appropriate for the location and do not overload the house wiring. If in doubt always seek advice.

Some landlords may help with the maintenance of the garden but most don’t. It is your responsibility to keep the garden in good condition, regardless of the season, by weeding, cutting the lawn and trimming hedges and bushes. You should also ensure rubbish is cleared and you keep things tidy. Legally landlords don’t have to provide you with a lawnmower so, if you choose one with a lawn, you will have to supply the mower along with other equipment.

Trees and hedges
You must not damage or cut down any tree in your garden unless you have written permission to do so. If they are bothering you, you should let us know.

You can have a bonfire, as long as you do not cause a nuisance with the smoke and smell, and do not cause any risk to the property or other buildings. It is also a good idea to let your neighbours know.

Leaving vehicles in your garden
You must not park a motor vehicle, trailer, caravan or boat anywhere in your garden without permission.

Erecting Structures and Ponds
You must get written permission before you erect things like sheds, garages, pigeon lofts, aerials or satellite dishes, or if you want to carry out landscaping or construct a pond.